When you book Lighthouse Photography Services, you agree to the following:

Scope of services:

The quality of creative services is subjective in nature. No assurances are made as to the perceived quality of the work produced, and it is assumed that you, the customer, have familiarised yourself with the photography and videography examples provided on this website. Other factors outside a photographers control may influence the perceived quality of the final results, such as bad weather, or how the subject matter is presented, be it a home, an item of food, or a person. In the case of property photography, reasonable effort will be made to remove distracting items, but these efforts do not extend to moving furniture or engaging with anything potentially hazardous.

Fees and payment:

Fees are agreed upon before booking. Fees are calculated based on the assumed time required to complete any given project. Extra fees may be requested when longer journeys are required. An invoice is sent at the end of every calendar month. All fees are subject to VAT at 23%. 

Copyright, Ownership & Usage 

The copyright to all photographs and video provided will be owned by the Photographer. The Client is granted a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the photographs for marketing and promotional purposes. The Client may not sell or otherwise distribute the photographs or video without the prior written consent of the Photographer.

Model release:

If the photoshoot includes people, a model release form may be necessary. It is the duty of the client, not the photographer, to ensure any legal requirements are taken care of in these scenarios. Should you be using photographs or video of any person, such as a model, for commercial activity, it is strongly advised to get signed permission, at the very least.

Media Delivery, Hosting & Retrieval 

Most projects are complete within 48 hours. Photography and videography files are usually delivered via Dropbox. Online hosting (availability) of these files is guaranteed for 3 months only. Similarly, Matterport 3D tours are hosted online for 3 months. Longer terms may be subject to extra fees. After a 3 month period, file retrieval is not guaranteed, and is subject to a retrieval fee. It is strongly recommended that you download and store photography/video files immediately upon receiving them. 


The Photographer will not be liable for any damages or injuries that may occur during the photoshoot or video recording. The Client assumes all risks associated with the photoshoot or video recording.


The Client will indemnify and hold the Photographer harmless from any claims or lawsuits arising out of the photoshoot.

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