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The more attention your listing gets, the higher price your property will command, so it's worth taking time to prepare your property for visual marketing. At the higher end of the market, one may consider hiring a professional stager, who will review and improve the layout and aesthetics. More generally, to ensure your property listing is most appealing to potential buyers, check out these tips...

At the very least, the whole environment should be clean and tidy with no distractions. "Too empty" is better than "too cluttered" every time.

Driveways should be clear of vehicles
Hide your bins until the photos are done
Bicycles and toys should be hidden
Weeds, litter and other distractions should be removed
Ideally, gutters and roofing should be clear of moss and weeds

Declutter as much as possible. If in doubt, leave it out.
Lights should be on, and bins should be hidden
Hide any personal or valuable items such as jewellery, clothing, photos
Pets and pet paraphernalia should be removed
Clean mirrors and windows

Hide dishes, bins, soap, etc.  
No magnets or decorations on the fridge
Surfaces should be clean and clear
With few exceptions, the kitchen should essentially be empty

Clutter-free surfaces
Fresh flowers or a large candle can make a nice centerpiece

Cushions should be neat, fluffed up or karate chopped. 

Clean surfaces, mirrors, sink, taps, etc.
Hide away soap, shampoo, toilet paper, etc.
Close toilet lids

Beds should be made, and clothes should be hidden

If your bedsheets are crinkled or creased, consider using a blanket or throw on top.

Pillows should be fluffed up and perky

Typically, a photographer takes around one hour to shoot a property for a real estate listing. Similarly, video or virtual tours usually take around an hour each to record. Vacating the home during this time is most helpful. 

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