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Your Matterport and virtual tour related questions, answered. If there's anything else you'd like to know, just get in touch!

What is Matterport?

Matterport is a camera system that integrates sophisticated software and specialist 3D imaging devices to create immersive virtual recreations of any space. This allows the end user to explore a building in a game-like fashion on any internet enabled device.

Why Matterport?

There are lots of "virtual tour" systems available, each with their own pros and cons. Matterport was one of the first movers in the industry and has remained the industry standard for good reasons.

Matterport tours are produced with the help of cutting edge artificial intelligence, which analyses dozens of images to create a three-dimensional wireframe model of the space. While other virtual tours are simply a collection of 360 degree photos, a Matterport tour is a much more fluid, immersive experience, feeling more like virtual reality, where one can move through and explore the space freely. These interactive 3D tours are fluid, detailed, and enjoyable to use.

For estate agents, Matterport tours can be embedded on listing sites such as Daft.ie, alongside your photos, giving potential buyers an instant and informative viewing experience, saving time for everyone involved!  

Where can I see some examples of Matterport tours?
Click here to see one of my recent tours, or check out the official Matterport promotional gallery for some great examples. 

How much does it cost?

Price depends on the size of the space. The minimum price for a typical property (up to four bedrooms) is 150 euro. If you require a tour of a larger space, get in touch with the details, for a quote within 24 hours.

How long does it take to shoot and produce?

A typical house or commercial unit can be shot in around one hour. It's most helpful to have the space free of clutter, pets or personal items, as advised in the property preparation article, here.

The process is quite straightforward. I show up at the agreed time. Images are taken at various points around the property and later sent to Matterport for their analysis. The virtual tour is usually live within a couple of hours. Once ready, I email the client with the link, and an invoice is sent before the end of the calendar month.     

How long will the virtual tour be accessible online?

As Matterport host all tours on their servers and charge for that service, I offer six months free hosting as standard. Extra fees may be required for tours that need to remain online for extended periods.   

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