Here are some tips to help you prepare for your headshot session.

Avoid busy clothing such as stripes, patterns or anything with a logo.

Jewellery rarely works in headshots. 

For a traditional business look, classic dark suits are a good choice. The ideal tie is often a shade that falls between the color of the suit and shirt underneath.

For a more "business casual" look, skip the jacket and go for a coloured shirt that, ideally, is darker than your skin tone.

Men - come clean shaven, unless intentional.

Women - Avoid black bras under white shirts, and vice versa.

If you're unsure what to wear, bring an extra outfit. 

Come hair and makeup ready, unless a MUA has been arranged.

If you have any specific retouching requests, just let us know. Most photographers will remove temporary marks such as blemishes, but if you would like a scar, mole or tattoo removed in Photoshop, be sure to make that known. 

Get a good sleep, and stay hydrated.

If you're doing group shots, be sure to coordinate with the rest of the group in advance. For corporate group shots, keep your clothing consistent, be it wearing uniforms or similar shirt styles, with, or without neck ties, for example. More senior staff may choose to stand out by way of dressing differently, their positioning in the photo frame, or using a relevant prop.

Don't worry, you'll get some extra direction if necessary. The best headshots look confident and relaxed. In the age of digital cameras, we can take dozens of photos and choose the best one, so relax, experiment and have fun!

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